The Art of Juggling

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Moving takes a lot of energy.
First you discover you have too much stuff when you’re packing everything up,
Then you realize you don’t have much when you’re unpacking it all.
After one big move and one small move,
I’m finally in my own studio and it’s coming along nicely.
It’s really starting to feel like the home/ office/ gym/ art studio/ spa space that I hoped it would be in this 440 sq ft space.

I’ve never been this busy with this much freedom.
So much responsibility, yet so much excitement.
On top of my 40hr/wk computer job, I cocktail waitress two nights a week.
That helps pay the bills while the rest is going towards funding my latest art project.* (Omg I can’t wait to share it with you!)

Basically, er’yday I’m hustlin.

Then there’s the passions that I like to refer to as therapy:
One sunset dedicated to roller skating.
One night dedicated to a heels dance class.
One-two nights dedicated to latin dance.
Three nights dedicated to painting.
…either I think I’m a genius and believe I can take in copious amounts of new information and retain it all,
Or I’m just an idiot because I also decided it’s a great time to take Arabic lessons twice a week.

I’m so busy.

Started dating again!
But that lasted for about a month, it felt more like a chore more than anything.
I don’t have time to get to know these people right now!
My current goals that I’m working to achieve are taking my full attention.

I don’t have children.
I don’t even have a pet!
I do have plants.
But two plants have already died, so there’s that.
I don’t know how moms, dads, and overachievers do it.

It’s really an art form, juggling everything in life.
You will drop your life balls** from time to time.
But damn it feels good when you finally get them going again.
And there you are, in the flow, juggling it all.
A big part of successful juggling is having the faith and confidence in yourself.
Knowing what you can handle but also challenging yourself to take on more, or less.
With practice, repetition, and determination,
You can master the art of juggling.

I get a little better each day.
But no matter how much is on my plate I always have to leave room for the people and things that fill me with joy, because there will never be another moment like the present one.
With all that you do, don’t forget to ‘stop and smell the roses.’

I leave you with this little spark of joy, a video of my friend and I practicing bachata in the park a few weeks ago.
Can you believe that rainbow?! It was our backdrop for about 45min!

Did you see the man walking by and cheering us on? I love that part.

Stay in touch <3

*My love of art and food have joined together in my latest project in the works. Planned to launch mid-Spring, stay tuned!
**Life balls- the balls of life