Nauti-Boi Back in 2009 I lived in Haiku on a property that was owned by three generations of family. Grandma who lived on the furthest side of the property had

Rooted in Aloha

Rooted in Aloha 24”x 36” Acrylic on Canvas Sold Rooted in Love (1)

Birth Announcement!

I felt a birth announcement was appropriate for the launch of my Garden Guidance cards. 😆 It was quite the journey bringing this vision to life, and what a feeling

I’ve been busy, but…

Wow, it’s been WAY too long since I’ve posted here. You know, life gets busy. Honestly, I got really busy, y’all. But I kept on keeping on. Trying to stay

Dancing in the Clouds

It had been weeks since I had last practiced bachata or salsa. And the day we decide to dance, was chilly and slightly rainy with a constant mist. The ground

The Art of Juggling

Moving takes a lot of energy. First you discover you have too much stuff when you’re packing everything up, Then you realize you don’t have much when you’re unpacking it

Jungle Hoop

I've been in 'go' mode for months. Which is great! I made my big move back to Maui. Did my quarantine. Found a place of my own. Still working full-time.

Election Day 2020

With the energy being so tense today, I hope we all can still practice kindness with each other.  For example, this morning I let the iced out thief poaching our

Bl’Ornge #2

Bl'Ornge #1 During times of fast movement, chaos, and change we need to slow down and enjoy the ride. Also inspired by complementary colors blue and orange. 36”x 36” Acrylic


Sunspots Inspired by the sun shining down through the trees tops casting ever changing spotted patterns. 16”x 40” Acrylic on Canvas For Purchase Rooted in Love (1)