Moni the Monsterra Moni was stunning and full Monsterra when I first got her. She lived near my bed and then on top of the fridge and before I knew

Palms & Plaid

Palms & Plaid The obsession of plants and textiles continues... Isn't that orange and green contrast so fun? 12”x 36” Acrylic on Canvas Available for Purchase All Original Works (1)


Boundaries I took at photo of the Parthenon in October 2019 and in July 2022 I decided to turn that photo into a painting. Ironically, the painting was left incomplete


Sapo the Silver Pothos I took the cutting of Sapo from my best friends porch in beautiful Waiehu. This has been the slowest growing plant I have ever had, but


Spidey The Spider Plant This here Spider Plant, Spidey, grew from a cutting I took from my best friends porch when I first returned back to Maui in October 2020.


Blue Lagoon 11”x 14” Acrylic on Canvas Sold


Nauti-Boi Back in 2009 I lived in Haiku on a property that was owned by three generations of family. Grandma who lived on the furthest side of the property had

Rooted in Aloha

Rooted in Aloha 24”x 36” Acrylic on Canvas Sold

Bl’Ornge #2

Bl'Ornge #1 During times of fast movement, chaos, and change we need to slow down and enjoy the ride. Also inspired by complementary colors blue and orange. 36”x 36” Acrylic


Sunspots Inspired by the sun shining down through the trees tops casting ever changing spotted patterns. 16”x 40” Acrylic on Canvas For Purchase