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Wow, it’s been WAY too long since I’ve posted here.

You know, life gets busy.
Honestly, I got really busy, y’all.
But I kept on keeping on.
Trying to stay focused and goal oriented
Three jobs. Creative projects. Boudoir. Dear friends visiting.
It was hot girl summer, afterall, and I was feeling myself.
But I was wearing thin…
I had to let some of that responsibility go.
Goodbye Waitress life – I will miss the money, but not the ???

(Sigh of relief)

But, as life would have it – when one door closes – a window of opportunity in my first career swung straight open.
More responsibility (grateful)
But wow – more responsibility = more time commitment.
And well, I am exactly back where I started. ?

This is my extremely well thought out, poetic excuse of why I have not remained consistent with my writing…
...yikes, ‘consistent’ is my word of the year. Am I failing?! 

Tis’ life!

Have you made it this far? Good, good. Stay with me.
& thank you for your patience
Because I have VERY exciting news:

I haven’t been completely unproductive in my sparse spare time. 

In fact, I have designed – manufactured – and grown (hehe) my biggest project yet!
Garden Guidance – it’s my newest passion that combines my love of art and nutritious, delicious food.
It is the first of many editions, the Vegetable Card Deck – where you can mix and match colorful vegetables to add some rainbow flavor to every meal.

Website and Pre-Sale COMING SOON.
Follow on Instagram for the latest news on the release.

And, in the meantime here’s a video I’ve been meaning to post since July 14th…
…It’s the day my proof decks arrived along with my Copyright certificate…
I caught the moment on film, and let’s just say, I was over the moon excited!

Enjoy this-too-long-of-a-video and treat yourself to a Garden Guidance card deck very, very soon. ? 

Much love to you all.

Stay in touch <3