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I always imagined I’d meet my future lover the good ol’ fashion way;
You know… in person.
But my, how times have changed.
Everything is just one click away.
Even a potential life partner.

I’ve recently found myself becoming more open to dating
But let me just tell you, living on a small island has limited opportunities.
For the last few years, I’ve spent and preferred to spend most of my time isolated.

So truthfully, I am venturing into uncharted waters. Aka: the dating pool
Casting out a net to nearby cities to see if I can catch a connection.

The Story Behind the new (and improved?) Hot Mess Dating Success

Like many, I started 2020 off with a positive attitude matched with too many resolutions
(and the motivation to hit my goals)
Suddenly it was Day 75… (Just playin’ it was actually only Day 18) into the New Year and I was BURNT OUT… 

Cue the mindless distractions.
Cut the creativity.
Call in the bare minimum for everything in both work and life.
Well, this goes against literally everything I am working towards.
All inspiration stripped.
New Year motivation, where art thou?
Lazy. Fatigued. Mindless Social Media galore:
Oh, I didn’t know Ashton Kutcher came to Sea Island in April of 2014..

In case that wasn’t enough, let me paint a clearer picture for you:
First, the wardrobe:
Three solid days strong in the same athleisure-wear, taking the “leisure” part very seriously.
Next, the scenery:
Day three of in-home isolation. No visitors to speak of (unless you count the cats)
Finally, the event:
5pm solo dance party (don’t act like you haven’t been there) where I happen to catch my reflection in the mirror. I notice, at a glance, my boobs looking very unflattering under my hoodie. I realized a solid 12 hours prior, I unhooked my bra to remove it. But, that never happened… So there I was, for 24 hours, going about my life – sleeping, drinking coffee, working, solo dance parties: sans support. Worst part is, I didn’t even notice! 

I was a sloppy mess.

So naturally, I decided this was the perfect moment to try online dating. 

<3 Stay tuned*

* Fear not, the Hot Mess Dating Success has been around a decade strong, only now putting a name to it. Stay tuned for stories past and present chronicling the life of a serial messy dater. Trust me, it gets a bit sloppy.