Oaks of St. Simons Island

Oaks of St. Simons Island When you find the Spanish Moss dripping off the tall Live Oaks that are surrounded in Palmettos and you're getting eaten alive by mosquitoes..there's a


Rebirth 36”x 36” Acrylic on Canvas For Purchase

Rhythmic Seduction

Rhythmic Seduction Kiss me all night long. 24"x 18" Acrylic on Canvas

Rooted in Love

So many of us thought 2020 was going to our year, the start of a new decade, a new era. It’s now the beginning of July and I find myself

Quarantine for the Soul

Isolation and physical distancing are mandatory. All communication is virtual and social media is exploding. Fear and anxiety are more prevalent due to the unknown. And the entire world is

Moving During Coronavirus

This is an interesting time we are currently live in, We are experiencing a global pandemic. We have been sent to our rooms and encouraged to isolate. With the world feeling

Episode 3: Hot Mess Dating Success

Some little girls dream of their wedding day. But me? I dreamed of when I’d get my first kiss with tongue. It finally happened when I was 14, right before

The Origin Story of Hot Mess Dating Success

Scene: The Year? 1995. The place? Sun N’ Lake Elementary School The weather? It’s Florida… take a guess. Dear Zachary, Will you be my boyfriend? Check one: ⃞  Yes ⃞ 

Tuning In

Ever find yourself lost in the abyss of social media? With no intention or recollection of how you even got there- But, there you are. Giving yourself arthritis and an

Magic Menopause

Note to self: To avoid crying and/or making someone else cry, you might want to reconsider starting a cleanse at the same time as program participants. Just a thought? Ever