Quarantine for the Soul

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Isolation and physical distancing are mandatory.
All communication is virtual and social media is exploding.
Fear and anxiety are more prevalent due to the unknown.
And the entire world is experiencing it together.

This fast-paced world and its billions of people are now forced to slow down – because coronavirus.
In many ways, it is magical.
The Earth is starting to restore itself.
Pollution levels are dropping.
Planes, trains, and automobiles are standing still.
It is recovering from our ever present daily grind.
And we, as humans, get to witness this miracle.

But, for many of us, standing still is hard.
We are compelled to sit with ourselves, and that isn’t always easy.
Involuntary solitude forces us to check-in with ourselves, even forcing us to relax.

In a hyperactive world, relaxation and self-exploration are things that tend to be put on the back burner.
This time, for both the Earth and its inhabitants, is a great time for healing.
I look around and see several of us taking control of our physical, mental, and spiritual selves.
Strengthening our inner-spirits, thus, contributing to the greater good of our collective.
Inviting true light to release, and shine.

But every light has a shadow.

Self isolation can be extremely tough for some of us.
It’s in those most vulnerable and lonely moments when evil creeps in to whisper in our ear.
Darkness trying to infiltrate our inner light.
A poison feeding feelings of doubt, depression, and madness.

Right now, all we know are the possibilities:
The possibility that we could contract coronavirus, die alone, or worse infect someone else.
The possibility that this will all clear up in three months.
The possibility that we could be in isolation for another year or more.
The possibility that politics have a hand in this and their money, power and greed have no interest in the greater good for the people and the Earth.
So many possibilities, so little room for fact.

A world of uncertainty is upon us.
But what is certain, is you and your actions.
How are you utilizing this time to care for yourself and your loved ones?

Are you using this as a vacation to Netflix, eat junk food, drink and pack on your winter coat early this year?
Or are you learning a new skill set you’ve been putting off, as well as eating foods that boost your immune system, nervous system and staying hydrated?
Are you withering away because you don’t feel you’re able to face your fears?
Or are you focusing on your mental health and actively, yet patiently, practicing stress management to reduce your cortisol level and increase your oxytocin?
Are you falling into your undeniable feelings of fear, anxiety, and depression?
Or are you facing them head on – taking that negative energy and turning it into something beautiful that you can share with the world around you?
Are you using this time to gossip, creating conflict with the people you know and love?
Or are you using this time to be conscious with your communication, both to yourself and all whom you speak to?

Look around you:
This isn’t a school day where your teacher is out sick.
There is no sub at the front of the class for you to taunt.
You are NOT eligible to slack off.
Because, well…
This is reality, our teacher, and class is in session.

As with everything, we must practice making conscious decisions to take one step closer to the person we know we are destined to be.
Our higher self.
What do you want to bring to the table at the buffet of life?

Between all the madness, you must learn to slow down.
Just like standing in the middle of a hurricane, you are in the calm in the eye of the storm.
You may find yourself struggling to make it through the rough winds,
But you must strengthen your roots to stay grounded amongst the chaos.
You are more powerful than you know.
After all, you are the only thing you can control.

Stay healthy, happy, and sane… and stay in touch <3

Flower Planet, 16"x 20", Oil on Canvas, 2013