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Note to self:
To avoid crying and/or making someone else cry, you might want to reconsider starting a cleanse at the same time as program participants.
Just a thought?

Ever have those “aha” moments at work? 

I do. All the time. 

Let me backup.
You see, my job is pretty great –
I work in the line of functional medicine for women’s hormonal and sexual health, where I manage various online programs, detoxes, and other support groups.
I love witnessing women entering into their own power and taking control of their own life.

But, as you might imagine, it took time to reach this level of gratitude for my job.
Being the liaison to a large group of detoxing menopausal women can be quite a challenge.
My first time ever managing a 7-week detox program, I did the program right alongside them.
I quickly realized that was a terrible idea.
My fuse was short, and I was not alone.

I became the source for all things annoying and inconvenient:
Brittany – why can’t I log into my gmail account?!
Karen, I am sorry you are having a tough morning, but I am not Google. Unfortunately, I cannot hack into your gmail. Best wishes?
Brittany! I couldn’t find my car keys this morning, this program is NOT working!
Hi again, oh no! Sounds like an annoying case of detox brain… Have you considered getting a tile?

Either way, it all works out.
By week 5 they all love me.
You see, that’s when they start to reap the benefits of their hard work.
They glow of optimism and everyone feels a little happier and healthier.
We share a taste of achievement.
That is one thing group programs excel at: accountability and support throughout it all. 

It’s an honor to work in a field that emphasizes the importance of hormonal and sexual health.
Vaginas. Sex. Hormones.
Subjects that are often taboo, and still not even discussed in many regions of the world.
Subjects that deserve more care and attention.

Women, you are magical.

Ain’t no shame in getting that groove back.

So if you need me during that 9-5 grind, I’ll just be here;
‘Healing the world one menopausal woman at a time’. 

Stay in touch <3