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Party Animals

There’s just something about an elephant doing a handstand in an 80’s music video that really sparks inspiration. 

For me, truth be told, it was less of a spark and more of a fire. A fire that led me directly to Amazon, searching through pages upon pages of elephant costumes. The prices were decent, but of course I had canceled my Prime account literally the day before. ($5 shipping? Uh, no thanks.)

You know you have a tribe when the slight mention of seeking out an elephant costume generates the response:

“You think they got a giraffe costume for me?”

(Suzy, I love you.)

As if it were a sign directly from the heavens (or maybe just a bit of ironic luck) the perfect giraffe costume popped up directly underneath the elephant. Basically, it was fate.

I mean, can’t you envision our signature dance moves now?
The neck brace wiggle for the giraffe with its tall towering head,
And for the elephant? Look at that trunk, it’s phallic form is very fitting for a schlong shimmy.

I mean, the elephant’s trunk resembles a long crooked penis delicately hanging from the chin, doesn’t it? (You don’t need to answer, you know it does.)

After a solid 10 minutes spent LOLing over the thought of us decked out in these costumes. I then had to convince myself that this purchase would actually be an investment for numerous laughs.

Could it be worth it?

But seriously,
How refreshed do you feel after a good laugh?
Humor is the best medicine! 

Our entire lives we’ve been fed that line, and most of us inherently believe it to be true.
But, it definitely gets harder for us as we age.
We forget the importance of childlike play after we’ve been tainted by the corruption of the world; the weight of our responsibilities and those hard life lessons. 

That roller coaster of life will always dip to new lows. 

But we WILL rise again!

In the meantime, let’s bitch less and laugh more. 

It’s good for us…

After weighing the pros and cons of financial loss versus the infinite amount of joy these costumes would create in both myself and others – you best believe I reactivated my Amazon Prime account and both the elephant and giraffe are on their way via free shipping and delivery. (Don’t stress, pictures to follow.)

I can see us now,
Frolicking through the marshes of Georgia,
Shaking our appendages in the Egyptian desert,
Whipping our tails straight center of a drum circle on the beaches of Hawai’i.

There we are,
A simple elephant and giraffe,
Bringing joy:

Just a couple of party animals.

Stay in touch <3